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Greetings Marketers!

How would you like to get 100 Leads Leap signups per month?

My partner, trainer and mentor, Jeff did just that.

Ok, he's a big marketer, has a big list and… a KILLER Lead Capture Page.

How would YOU like to use HIS Lead Capture Page?

All you have to do is signup under me in Leads Leap and I'll send you the import code to use to get his Lead Capture Page.

All you have to do is paste it into your Leads Leap account and change his Leads Leap link to yours and hit save.

then, just advertise like crazy (I can help you with that) and watch the signups come in.

Leads Leap is a GREAT advertising platform and has a ton of tools for you to use to get lots of signups too.

NOTE:  Leads Leap just tripled the traffic you can getting each month with a COOP.
Get in NOW to enjoy all your new found traffic with Leads Leap.

You can even copy this blog page to get more signups.

Even if you only get 10 or 20 signups, think what happens when those 10 or 20 folks follow your lead and use this same business strategy!

Join Leads Leap NOW and email me your username and I'll send back the import code.

I've been with Leads Leap since 2008… you won't go wrong.

BTW, get the $19.99/mo option right away.  It goes up by $7 in 24-36 hours.  Don't miss the savings… for life.

Questions?  I'm just an email away!

Fred “The Submarine Guy” Raley

p.s.  This goes perfectly with your $10,000 Blog Income Plan.

p.p.s.  I'll even send you my import code for the LCP I used to get YOU.

Copy Success!  It works!

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