You are gonna love the Instant Profit$ Club!

It's a powerful affiliate program with lots of ways for you to profit… and learn.

You will be able to make a good income with it while learning to be a very competent internet marketer.

Here's a short list of everything included.

  • Leads Converter System
  • Commission Jack Addon
  • Traffic Accelerator Program
  • Instant Reseller License
  • Promotional Tools
  • Get Your Affiliate Link (Guaranteed)
  • Marketing Materials & Graphics
  • Instant “1-Click” Review

Included with your membership is a powerful training detailing several INSTANT CASH METHODS you can put to use right away to increase your income outside of this system…

You can begin watching this series of video lessons immediately from inside the members area.

The Training Videos are AWESOME.  36 Videos in all:

Instant Cash Methods

  • Part 1: Overview
  • Part 2: Fast Strategy
  • Part 3: Affiliate Setup
  • Part 4: List Method
  • Part 5: Paid Advertising
  • Part 6: Product Method
  • Part 7: Service Offerings
  • Part 8: Event Method
  • Part 9: Hybrid Marketing
  • Part 10: Social Promotion

Advanced Cash Methods

  • Part 1: Overview
  • Part 2: How To Succeed
  • Part 3: Your Home Base
  • Part 4: Sales Systems
  • Part 5: Selling Products
  • Part 6: Affiliate Marketing
  • Part 7: Affiliate Networks
  • Part 8: Services To Perform
  • Part 9: Pre-Sell Page & Offer
  • Part 10: Specific Methods
  • Part 11: Pre-Sell Copy
  • Part 12: YouTube Traffic
  • Part 13: Facebook Traffic
  • Part 14: LinkedIn Traffic
  • Part 15: Selling Items
  • Part 16: Selling Digital
  • Part 17: Signature Marketing
  • Part 18: Warrior Offers
  • Part 19: Warrior Classifieds
  • Part 20: Warrior Services
  • Part 21: Other Networks
  • Part 22: Selling On Fiverr
  • Part 23: Fiverr Services
  • Part 24: Offline Strategy
  • Part 25: Quick Pay Gigs
  • Part 26: Unadvertised Gigs

The first thing you need to do with any affiliate product that you want to sell is: buy it yourself. I don’t care what anyone says, if you have not bought a product yourself you CANNOT provide the information required to promote it properly.

If you are not willing to buy it then why should anyone else?

With Instant Profits Club there are several levels of purchase:

Free Membership

Pro Upgrade


You can make 50% commission on sales made with a free account, and this makes it an ideal first product to promote. You will earn 100% commission when you purchase the upgrades though, so you may wish to consider that before you start promoting.

The membership itself with Instant Profits Club ALSO provides extremely useful information for those wanting to make affiliate sales. It is ideal for those wanting to learn more skills in this area.

Oh, almost forgot to mention… it has a very nice monthly residual income element too.  Don't miss out on it!

Click Here To Purchase Instant Profits Club

You do also need to purchase the product to get access to your affiliate link (instructions are provided inside Instant Profits Club on how to get your link).

Questions?  I'm just an email away!

Fred “The Submarine Guy” Raley

P.S.  Giving away bonuses is how all the successful marketers see success.  Want to get in that game?  Pick up your weekly bonuses at $5Friday.  From there, scroll down to the purple Weekly Bonuses graphic, click it,  and grab all you want!  The more bonuses you have, the more you will make.  These are all FREE.

P.P.S.  Check out my special Bonus Page to see what I am offering.

Copy Success!  It works!

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