Fred’s 30 Day Lead Generating Process – Day 3: Make Your Content Worthy of Their Attention

Fred’s 30 Day Lead Generating Process

As an online entrepreneur, one of the most effective ongoing tasks you’ll undertake that will contribute to your income growth is lead generation. Getting subscribers on your email list allows you to communicate with them for months and years as they look to you for guidance, training, knowledge and recommendations.

Generating leads for any niche generally requires the same steps. Each one will provide you with new opportunities to grow your audience and business to its fullest potential. Below, you’ll find a Step 3 of my 30-day plan for lead generation that can help you build a substantial list of niche followers.

Day 3: Make Your Content Worthy of Their Attention

Once you’ve got the pleasing visuals figured out, it’s time to find a mission. People need a reason to do more than just glance at your pretty logo. Your brand should offer a quick solution to someone’s problem, in order to draw them into your list.

For example, if you offer a course like a fitness program you’ve designed, you could gift them a downloadable printout displaying the steps to one 30 minute workout. This draws the consumer in with a way to try out what you offer so that they can decide whether or not the full product is worth it.

Once you’ve put out a worthwhile hook, you can catch the attention of a wide range of subscribers and give them the opportunity to try out your expertise. Your lead magnet needs to address a pain point or help them achieve a goal and the more valuable you make it, the more irresistible it will be.

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When you combine the above, $10,000/mo is not far off!

Fred “The Submarine Guy” Raley

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