Fred's 30 Day Lead Generating Process

The  most important ongoing task you’ll be doing as an internet marketer that will explode your income is lead generation.

Getting subscribers on your email list allows you to communicate with them for months and years as they look to you for guidance and recommendations.

Generating leads for any niche generally requires the same steps. Each step will provide you with a new opportunity to grow your audience and business to its fullest potential.

💯Your Email List is your most Valuable Asset💯

Let’s get started with day 27 of my 30-step plan for lead generation.

Step 28: Recruit Affiliate Marketers to Build Your List

If you can create a product of your own to launch, then working with affiliates and allowing them to send traffic and earn a commission will help generate leads for YOUR email list and increase exposure.

Your products or services need to be of high quality if you are going to ask an affiliate to work with you.

Their whole reputation is based on the quality of the products that they recommend.

Within the platform you’re using, you can usually connect it to your email autoresponder so that, instead of a free lead magnet building your list, the sale of your products are building it – and the buyer is sent out a confirmation email along with the link to download their new purchase.

Any questions?

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When you combine the above, $10,000/mo is not far off!
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Fred “The Submarine Guy” Raley

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💯Copy Success!  It works!💯



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