The Welcome Email Series CRASH Course!

Lesson #1: The Main Email Welcome Series Guide

EMail Welcome Serie CRASH Course

In this 8 page guide I cover everything I know about creating email welcome sequences that get your new subscribers to know, like, and trust you. This leads them to open your emails, click your links, and buy from you. This tactic is what makes email marketing actually WORK!

Why An Email Welcome Sequence Is Important

Someone has just visited your squeeze page (sometimes called a lead capture page, landing page, etc., but it’s the page where you send people to build your list…) They handed you their name and email address. They are interested! Maybe in the lead magnet you offered them, or updates from you, etc.

But at this moment they are “hot”.

The first contact they have with you should be Email #1 in your email welcome sequence. This is their first impression of you. This is your BEST opportunity to get in their mind and that’s super important when it comes to email marketing. If people don’t know who you are, they’re not going to open your emails. That’s the first battle in email marketing.

Getting people to OPEN your emails.

By having a killer welcome email sequence (especially this first email) you can have a better chance of all of these subscribers opening your emails that you send to them in the future. That’s exactly what we want!

With an entire email sequence to backup that first welcome email you have multiple opportunities to get and stay in the mind of your subscribers by using know, like, and trust tactics in your emails. These are vital to your success which is why your email welcome sequence is so important.

A good email welcome sequence will capture the attention of your subscribers, engage them, make them remember you, make them trust you, and get people in the mindset to BUY from you!

You may be wondering… But can’t I do that with just one email? Isn’t doing that with 5-7 emails too much? No and NO!

The harsh truth that no one wants to tell you is that people really don’t care about you. Especially when they don’t know you. They aren’t going to open every email you send them. They aren’t even going to click on something in every email they read from you. One email is not enough to build a relationship with your subscriber that will take them from only a subscriber to being an actual customer.

You absolutely need to use multiple know, like, and trust tactics in several emails to get you started.

By creating the perfect welcome email sequence, you will get more engagement, reduce SPAM complaints and unsubscribes, and so much more! You will finally see email marketing working for you in the way you need it to. Set a goal, create an email welcome sequence that gets you to that goal, and reap the rewards!

This is just a small taste of what's in store for you in my The Welcome Email Sequence CRASH Course! You can get the entire course working for you by clicking here: The Welcome Email Sequence CRASH Course!  

Fred Raley
The Submarine Guy






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