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Freebie Ideas To Build Like, Know, And Trust With Your Subscribers

A great way to build the like, know, and trust factors with your subscribers is to give them things. Below you will find a ton of ideas for freebies you can give your subscribers to build know, like, and trust with them.

1. Resource lists – Pick a topic related to your niche, open up a word document, fill it with GOOD resources and information about that topic, and you’ll save your subscriber tons of time by doing the research for them.

2. Video tutorials – These don’t have to be long. Are there things in your niche you could teach via a video tutorial? Then record that video and send it to your subscribers.

3. Blog posts (information, tutorials, etc.) – A blog post doesn’t sound like much of a freebie, but if you have multiple blog posts on one topic you could send a document to your subscribers that contains links to ALL the posts on that topic. You’ll of course want to ensure that they are high quality and actually help your reader.

4. Reports – There are probably several topics in your niche that you could educate your reader about. Spend some time thinking of and researching topics. Make a list, and then create a report for each of those topics over time. 

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Fred Raley
The Submarine Guy


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