Internet Marketing Business Plan

If you really want to make money online, here’s a perfectly simple
Internet Marketing Business Plan
for doing just that without overloading your worklist.

#1:  Build your email list

This should be your #1 priority and part of all of your daily income-producing activities.

I use and highly recommend Aweber as your contact manager and email autoresponder.

Aweber has the best blog and help desk in the industry IMHO.  You can even code the blogposts to put a cookie on anyone who clicks your link so they will be credited to you if they later signup with Aweber.  Pretty cool eh?  They also pay 30% on referrals so it's almost a “Get 3 and it's Free” kind of deal.

I've been with Aweber for over 20 years.  That tells you something!

My goal for 2023 and beyond is to email daily or more often to my list.  It helps maximize profits and keeps folks engaged with me on a frequent basis.

Best thing to do in emailing is to provide value-based emails 60% of the time and sales emails with high value (of course) 40% of the time.  Some folks use an 80/20 split.  Both ways work.  I like to train and expose folks to my blog so that's my 60%.  So they might get exposed to a graphic or a link to a LCP or sales page on my blog while they are learning something from me in the blog post!

Figure out what works best for you.  But don't forget rule #2You won't make any money unless you present offers for sale to your list.

#2:  Create Your own Lead Capture Pages and Lead Magnets

It pays off big time to be unique in the MMO industry (Make Money Online that is).  Just creating your own LCP's, Bridge Pages, and Lead Magnets will not only set you apart from everyone else, it will get you more opt-ins and make you more sales!

    • Critical:  Create a low cost product to get used to making sales.  I assemble software from 5 Dollar Friday for this and it works great!  They give away 24 or more free pieces of software every week for you to download and use for whatever purpose you like.
    • Use to make all your graphics.  It's free and they have tons of free templates to use and lots of good ones for only $1.
    • Get a good, happy head/shoulders shot of yourself for branding.
    • Get a nice graphic for branding (my wife makes mine and can make you one for about $30 or so.)
    • Use your blog for making LCP's and Bridge Pages.  It's easy!
    • If you don't have your own website, I recommend 5 Dollar Friday for that as well.  Best value by far with excellent help desk and the best themes I've ever seen.

#3:  Offer a Low- End Product or Service to your email subscribers.

This might be an MLM product you have or a product you purchased or created for resale.  There are some good PLR products that contain monthly purchases.

I go with low cost, well established MLM's.  As long as you stick with them and keep marketing them and teaching others how to do that (like with this blogpost and daily emails), they will bring in good, growing income for a long time.  Something in the $20 to $50 or so range is about right.   Some folks just don't have enough cash to afford high end products.

  1. I've made well over $100K with Global Domains International over the years.  If you are in it too, keep up the work to build it strong.  If not, join me here.  At only $10/mo it is affordable by everyone.
  2. Another REALLY good paying, low cost program is the Prosperity Marketing System.   PMS has a powerful 2 up marketing system that builds income FAST.  At only $12/month, everyone can afford it.  I made over $120K with a $10/mo program… so I know they WORK!

You can also create a membership program with monthly or quarterly payments if you are ambitious and have enough to offer clients on a monthly basis.  Putting products together from 5 Dollar Friday for this works nicely.

#4:  Offer a High-End Product or Service to your email subscribers.

Believe it or not, lots of folks do have the money to purchase high end ($500 to $2,000 or more) products and do so often.  You would be smart to offer something in this range.

There are some good companies that have high-end products that offer 100% payments when you resell them.  The Infinity Processing System is a very good one offering products from  $50 to $600.

As well, Digital Wealth Pros has products from $200 to $1,500.  And they have closers at the company that close your prospects on sales for you!

One other idea is to offer what I call pre-packaged services or products to your list.  There are a few of these around that have stood the test of time.  My favorite is one put together by L.J. Aviles called the VIP System.   He has it integrated with Warrior Plus for advertising and payments.  Nicely done.   LJ also offers lead services (PayPerClick) at good rates and offers commissions on resales!

Summary: Internet Marketing Business Plan Strategy

This may sound like a lot, especially if you are just getting started in online marketing.  I get it.  But after being in this industry for over 20 years, I feel this is the best strategy.  You can replace the products and MLM's for sure but building your list is for the long term.

Sean Mize – Get Going in 2023

Strongly recommend you watch this video

Therefore, the only OTHER thing you need is strategy to build your list daily (if at all possible) and that's a bigger topic than this one blogpost.  There are tons of ways to get more leads.  See link below for a few that I use.

Any questions?

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