Email Welcome Series CRASH Course

Email Welcome Sequence Planner

Use this planner to plan out and implement your own email welcome sequence so you can actually get your email marketing working for you!


To get started, let’s do some inventory. There are things you’re going to need for your email welcome sequence and by “taking inventory” you can ensure you have everything. If there’s something you don’t have, create it and/or have it created for you. I don’t recommend moving forward until you have done a “inventory check” and have everything you need.

What freebies do I have?

You will need 15-20 freebies (more or less depending on your strategy) to use in your emails, as bonuses on your download page, etc. I recommend that you CONSTANTLY add to your “freebie arsenal”.

List all freebies you CURRENTLY have that you could use RIGHT NOW.

(Note:  The course at this point, has a form you can fill out with all your freebies.  Also, if you get them from  $5Friday like we recommend, they will send you a formatted spreadsheet (Google Doc) to keep them in electronic form.)

Ok, instead of showing you the entire course here (that would be odd), I'll show you what I do with freebies.

Example 1:  Here's my freebie list I created into a Lead Capture Page: Fred's Fabulous Freebies

See how the graphic sort of sells the Freebie, brands me with my picture & logo (the green submarine) and overall entices the reader to get the freebies by giving up his name and email.  I've picked up hundreds of leads this way and it's all with a simple blogpost/page and copying in an Aweber form. 

The graphics are created with the free version of Canva. One other thing I like about Aweber is their blog.  If you look at that link, it has my affiliate code at the end.  What that means, is that whenever anyone clicks on the link, they are “affiliated” or tagged to me so if they later signup to use Aweber, I will get the credit (i.e. I get paid!).  It's like having your own blog and they do all the work to write it and make it pretty; and I get the credit if someone signups up by using it.

Example 2:  Another freebie page I made is my Email Marketing Crash Course Massive Bonus Bundle.

I made this entire blog page with freebies from $5Friday.  (hop over there to get 1,000 clix to your business.)  This page (in Ex.2) is the LCP.  I use a clone (copy) of this page to create the Delivery (or “Thank You”) page for the bonus offer.  Same graphics, same titles, I just link the downloads and click save on the cloned page.  So with maybe 5 minutes more work, I have a Delivery Page made from the freebie page.

The reason I wrote all this above is not to impress you with my skills but to impress you with the simplicity of creating your own LCP, Sales Page and Delivery pages all with simple WordPress blogs which come with your domain at no cost.  

Having your own Domain and making your own pages like this lets you stand out in this crowd of internet marketers as being unique and thus more sellable.

Nine more training modules like this are in the planner segment of the Crash Course listed below!

Don't miss this!

This is just a small taste of what's in store for you in my The Welcome Email Sequence CRASH Course!

You can get the entire course working for you by clicking here: The Welcome Email Sequence CRASH Course!  

Fred Raley
The Submarine Guy


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