Twitter(X) Traffic Takeover CRASH Course!

Traffic, Leads and Sales at Your Disposal!

This is an amazing training bundle with 5 different learning tools in it focused on teaching you how to get the most from Twitter including Traffic, Leads and Sales no matter what the political impact on Twitter (now X) has been

Here's everything you'll get in this bundle…

Day 1:

Everything You Need Know To Get Started With Twitter

Right out of the gate I want to show you exactly how Twitter works to get you traffic. First we're going to talk about how the Twitter algorithm works because that's the first thing you need to know and understand. Once you get that everything else will come easy.

Today we will also make sure you have everything ready for the traffic you'll start getting from Twitter, and how to properly setup an optimized Twitter profile. This is a foundational key! If you get this wrong then all of your other activities are futile!

By the end of today you will know how Twitter works and have everything ready to get the most amount of traffic from Twitter as you possibly can!

Day 2:

Creating Traffic Getting Content For Twitter

With Twitter you need to know your content options and how to create that content that GETS you traffic. There are different types of content you'll use for certain goals like getting engagement, building your following, and getting traffic.

On Day 2 we're going to cover all of these content creation strategies so you'll know exactly what to post on Twitter and for what traffic getting purposes!

By the end of the day, you'll know all about content for Twitter, which type to create for what goal you're working on and be ready to start posting to Twitter to get that traffic you NEED!

Day 3:

Relationship Building For Getting The MOST Traffic From Twitter

A social network is just that… SOCIAL! So, it's important to know how to build relationships with people (on autopilot to save time and your sanity) so you can get them to engage with you and seeing and visiting the things you promote on Twitter.

Today we're going to cover how to get the engagement you absolutely have to have to grow your Twitter following so you can really drive a ton of traffic from Twitter to anything you want!

By the end of today you'll know exactly how to create engagement on Twitter and build a massive following you need to get massive amounts of traffic!

Day 4:

My Personal Twitter Traffic Strategies That Actually Work!

On Day 4 we're going to get down to serious “traffic getting” business…

Today is all about the different strategies you can use on Twitter to get traffic. I'm holding nothing back here and showing you several strategies you can put to use right away and start getting traffic from Twitter to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want.

By the end of today you'll have an entire arsenal of strategies that you can use to get a ton of traffic from Twitter. I'll even be giving you a PDF that you can use to refer back to each of these strategies so you can pull one or more out anytime you want and get traffic!

Day 5:

How To Use Twitter Every Day To Keep The Traffic Flowing

And on Day 5 we're going to bring this all together!

By day 5 you will know EVERYTHING about Twitter and have all the strategies you need to know to use it to get traffic to anything you want.

Today we will be talking about measuring your results using analytics, and then pulling everything together and creating a plan specifically for you and your needs to be able to use Twitter each and every day to keep the traffic flowing.

By the end of today you will walk away with your own day to day plan of what to do on Twitter to keep the traffic flowing every single day!

Bonus Workshop

The Social Promo Traffic Workshop

In this workshop, I'll show you how to use social graphics that come with private label rights to promote the various assets of your online business. Many PLR creators are now including social media graphics with their PLR packages (like in this one), but most people are lost when it comes to using them. These are super valuable if used in the right way.

So, in this workshop I'll be taking you by the hand and showing you how to edit the graphics you get PLR to and I'll also be showing you the many different social media sites out there that you can share them on and pull a ton of traffic into your business from.

By the time you get done with this workshop you'll know how to use all of those social media graphics that you get PLR to so that you can get a ton of traffic from social media!

A course this big with the massive benefits you will get would normally be priced in the $97 to $297 range.  But seeing how many folks really need this, I've slashed the price to $37.00 only and included the bonus Social Promo Traffic Workshop to help you get more traffic. 

Beefing up my traffic & engagement using these tactics has at least doubled my profits.  People to get new traffic tactics and I know you will too if it's time for you in your online business journey. 

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You are gonna love it!

Fred Raley
The Submarine Guy