Triple Funnel System that’s easy to use

As you know, I'm a big proponent of what I call an Email Funnel system because all you need to do it have an email system to sell stuff in.

It works great!

But I wanted to lay this out and perhaps put a video with it (that would be later) to show you how I structure for setting up an email marketing system.

First of course, in your email marketing system, you need to introduce yourself to your new subscriber.

Second, give him your lead magnet because that's what he opt-ed in for.

BONUS TIP:  On your delivery/thank-you page, put a second offer there, (paid preferred, free as second choice).  Since your prospect has opted-in for something, that shows his interest so if you have a second offer (paid), offer it to him now, hopefully at a slightly higher price.

You of course can offer that in your welcome email as well in case he missed it.

Third thing to mention in your Welcome email is what to expect.

  • How many emails per day/week/month
  • Validate their thought process for opt-ing in; in other words, tell them what they are going to get based on what you offered in your lead magnet.  At this point, the idea is to stroke their ego like “You made a great decision and here's why”
  • Overall strategy (EMail Crash course creating Daily Income, in my case)
  • Does it work?  Last 12 days of my income:

Blue = Income
Red = Refunds

  • A bit about you, your history (not too long)
  • Some hurdles you have made it over in your niche/industry
  • Any accolades you have gotten (best in industry, more hurdles, your first $1,000 day, etc.)
  • What the next email will bring for them

Once you have completed your Welcome email, start structuring your next 5 to 15 emails based on what you are going to teach your prospects and what you are going to sell to them to help them succeed in your niche.

So I would have 5 or 6 emails about my Email Crash Course creating Daily Income) which was promised in my Lead Capture Page.  You have seen that already no doubt.  If not, Opt-in!

After that, I put in 2 to 3 low cost offers like How To Write Emails That Sell and Your First 1,000 Subscribers Those bring in $7 to $17 payments fairly often and are good testing places in your funnel to see what sells and what is a dud.

I use a lot of PLR and purchased article series for things like this just in case you were wondering.

Second in my funnel is an easy $27 purchase that is Done-For-You in nature and has all the graphics and videos automated for you.  3-5 emails about that.  If you already have a low end offer, you can insert that at this point.

Third in my offer is a dual purpose, mid-range offer that also teaches online marketing for a successful marketer and is all set up for you except you have to set up your own payment links (Stripe, The Cash App, Venmo, etc.  Pretty easy)  The Infinity Processing System is a multi-pay in system that is completely set up for you.  And it will pull in good cash for you as you advertise it.

The one thing that I got setting all three of those up is the “Instant-Pay-Machine” which is the system I set up all those LCP's with.  It's easy to use (I like easy to use) and creates a nice payment when folks don't have something like it.

Last, I offer my High Ticket Program.  Lots of folks say you ought to buy a high-ticket offer first even if you are a newbie because it will get you serious about marketing (you won't quit if you spent $1,000 to $2,000 would you?) and teach you a lot right up front.  Give it some thought.

Thanks for being a loyal email subscriber. 

I appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions.

Fred Raley
The Submarine Guy