Senior Marketers Save Time and Money with AI

Over the years, the online marketing industry has swelled with seniors hoping to start and grow a business of their own. With that goal comes a lot of responsibilities in the form of time-consuming and sometimes costly tasks.

This is a competitive industry, so if you can’t keep up in a niche, your growth will be slow. This is often disappointing to seniors who are hoping for a faster way to supplement their income.

In the past, only those who could afford a myriad of tools or outsourcing options were able to carve a place out for themselves, but now everything has changed – and it’s helped seniors level the playing field significantly.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools that have come into existence have been made available (often at no cost to you), and they’re so user-friendly, anyone can wield them for their benefit with zero technical skill or knowledge.

Below, we’ll go over some things AI can help you with that will eliminate wasteful spending and allow you to free up plenty of time to enjoy your golden years without being chained to your laptop 24/7.

AI Can Replace Recurring Marketing Tool Charges

There are many challenges senior marketers face in this business. One of the biggest ones is the cost of getting started and doing business in a way that is competitive with other niche entrepreneurs.

Not only do you feel as if you may need to spend a lot of money on courses, but you also feel as if you can't compete without owning the same pricey marketing tools that everyone else is touting.

The truth is, in the past, you did need those to have the same speedy results as everyone else. But now, with the invention of ChatGPT and other AI tools, you have the same capabilities and opportunities as others.

There are many different types of AI tools that can replace some of the ones you may be paying for currently. For example, you might be paying for access to keyword tools or to search engine optimization (SEO) tools so that you can achieve better rankings on Google.

What's the solution?

By using a free tool like ChatGPT, you can eliminate those expenses until you have money to spend for a top tier option, if you even need it at all. Whether you’re using a tool for ideas, analysis or strategy – or even to educate you about how to do something, AI can serve your needs at no cost, and be available at all hours of the day.

As a senior marketer, take a look at the various tools you’re paying for now. While AI can’t replace your hosting plan, it can replace things like keyword and SEO tools, analytics tools, and social media management tools.

Add up the amount of money you spend educating yourself about how to succeed as an online entrepreneur. You may have spent a lot on courses teaching you how to start a blog, how to run paid ads, how to create your own info product and more.

Now, AI is going to tech you all of that for free – and not only can it teach you things like strategies for paid ads (or copywriting or anything else), but it can often do the work for you.

Sometimes, the savings will be in the thousands. You need to sign up to OpenAI to get your free ChatGPT account. You can also use Google’s Bard AI tool free of charge. ChatGPT does have a paid tier that you can access, but it’s not necessary.

AI has the ability to sort through a lot of information and spot patterns and make predictions based on consumer behavior and actions. You can ask it to give you a list of high volume, low competition keyword phrases, or ask it to analyze your top competitor to see what gaps they have in their marketing or content strategy.

AI tools aren’t just text-based, either. You can use DALL-E or other image AI tools to help you create images to use in your online marketing. There are also video and audio AI tools that come in handy with content creation, too.

Now let’s look at some example prompts you can use to replace this expense…

All you have to do is ask AI just as if you would ask an expert assistant who you leaned on to get some work done. And the best part is, if you’re ever stumped on how to prompt or ask AI something, you can ask it how to ask it something and it will help you!

For example, you might prompt: “I need some keywords for a blog post but I don’t know the best way to prompt you for them. Can you help?”

AI is then going to tell you exactly what it needs from you (like the topic, target audience, etc.), and then it gives you an example template of how to prompt that looks like this:

Generate keywords for a blog post on the topic of [Your Topic Here]. The target audience is [Describe Your Target Audience], and the primary goal of the post is to [State the Objective: inform, sell, etc.]. The post will specifically focus on [Mention Specific Aspects or Angles]. Additionally, there's a geographical focus on [Specify if there's any Geographical Focus].

Nothing could be easier! But the template it gives isn’t your only option. For example, if you wanted a specific type of keyword list, you could prompt: “Give me a list of long-tail keyword phrases related to [topic] that will be easy to rank for in Google.”

If you need an analysis conducted, you might prompt it like this: “Analyze my top competitor in the [topic] niche and pinpoint any content they’re lacking on their blog.”

You might use this prompt for some niche research: “Identify rising trends in the [topic] niche. Using predictive analysis, tell me what you think will evolve as an in-demand topic in that niche, and what will become less popular.”

You can also upload your own content and ask AI a prompt like this: “Using the attached article for my blog, can you tell me how to improve it for search engine optimization if my goal is to rank well for [keyword phrase]?”

Once you look at where you’re spending money, head to ChatGPT and ask it the following prompt: “I’m currently spending money on a tool called [name] which [tell what it does]. How can you help me do the same thing so I can stop paying for that tool?”

You never know what it will come up with, but the list might be comprehensive in a way that opens your eyes to more than what you dreamed was possible with this new technology!

AI Can Eliminate the Need to Spend Money on Content

The volume of content that you need to be competitive as a senior online entrepreneur is sometimes overwhelming. You have to have content for your blog, your email autoresponder system, your social marketing profiles, your info products, lead magnets, and more.

And many of these are repetitive content needs, such as your blog and emails. For many seniors, the pace at which they need to keep up with publishing online is more than they want to devote in what is supposed to be their retirement years.

Luckily, AI can not only free up your time in creating content, but if you were spending money for content creation, it can cancel that expenditure as well. Many people were paying ghostwriters to handle the volume of content they needed.

Whether you were paying a top tier writer or using a service on a platform like Fiverr, the costs added up over a period of time. Now, you can simply log onto ChatGPT and get the content you need delivered in an instant.

You can even train these tools to have your same style and voice, and even get them to weave in personal storytelling so that your content comes across as genuine and authentic rather than sterile and robotic.

AI can help you with many different forms of content. You can have it write blog posts, including comprehensive content that will serve as a pillar blog post that ranks high in Google and is fully optimized for search engines.

Also you can have it create emails that you send out to a broad list or those that are segmented to be tailored to individual audiences. Ask AI to create content that is informative and educational, or promotional so that you earn money from each piece.

If you need social media content, AI can whip up text content for you to post on platforms like Facebook. But it can also write scripts for videos that you record for YouTube or TikTok.

It even has the ability to map out slideshow presentations, including telling you what needs to go on each slide, what your voiceover will need to say, and what the graphics need to look like on each slide.

If you want to record a podcast episode or webinar, it can come up with an outline of talking points, or it can even write an entire script if you want to work from that instead. If you have image content that you want to create in a free tool like Canva, you can use AI to tell you exactly what should go on something like a social quote poster or an infographic.

It can even develop ad copy that you can use on Google, Facebook, or other social media platforms if you are running paid ads. But using AI for content is not smooth unless you know how to prompt it properly.

It has a tendency to be repetitive with certain phrases, and it even has the ability to make mistakes, so you have to be careful to check the information because it will be representing your brand.

The great news is, you can work with AI to come up with ideas, titles, outlines, and complete content – including a full eBook along with the sales copy to accompany it, and do all of this at no cost to you in minutes per day.

Let's look at some examples of AI Prompts

Knowing how to prompt AI for content is crucial to your success. For example, you might start with asking AI for a list of ideas like this: “Give me a list of titles with a variety of slants for my blog about gardening and how to use organic pest control.”

AI is going to give you different titles and slants and you can choose from one of those, mix and match certain wording, or ask it to give you an entirely new list. Once you have an idea that you like, you can prompt AI for the outline like this: “Give me an outline for a blog post called: Mastering Organic Pest Control in the Garden.”

When AI gives you the outline, go through it chapter by chapter and look at the bullet points to make sure it includes everything you want and excludes things you do not want in your post.

You can also ask it to expand on certain ideas so that you can see what should go in each section. At that point, you can prompt AI to write the piece for you, or you can do it yourself and have it act as your editor and search engine optimizer.

If you want AI to write the post, simply prompt it like this: “Using the following outline, write the blog post starting with the introduction. Use a professional, yet friendly tone and write the content in depth.”

You can do the same process if you are having it write an entire info product for you. The key is to go section by section and not ask it to write the entire post all at once, because then it won't be as comprehensive as you need it to be.

You can also have it generate ideas for you based on whichever social media platform you are using like this: “Generate a list of social media posts I can put on Facebook with tips for online entrepreneurs.”

If you need paid ad content, prompt it like this: “Create a dozen variations of ad copy for my eBook about [topic] targeting [audience specifications].” You can even add the tone or style specifications that you want included, like humorous, scarcity, etc.

For video content, you might prompt AI like this: “Outline a script and storyboard for a 3-minute YouTube video educating my audience with a quick tip about [topic] that ends with a promotion for [product].”

You can make sure that your site content for products, or your descriptions for certain multimedia like videos is written well by using AI to do the job for you like this: “Write unique descriptions for the following 10 products I sell on my site,” or, “Write a description for my YouTube video about [topic] that covers [specifications] and optimize it for [keyword phrase].”

For emails, you might prompt it like this: “Write a motivating email for my [niche] audience that gets them to take action and [buy/download/etc.]. Make it an emotional email that taps into their current feelings of [emotion].”

Using AI for your content needs is a quick and resourceful (not to mention free) way to meet your content goals with ease, expand your ideas so that you cater to the needs of your audience better – and finally be able to compete without any obstacles.

AI Can Perform Tasks Faster Than Seniors

Whether you're a senior or not, there are many tasks that take people a significant amount of time to achieve. But as we grow older, we sometimes don't have the same energy or mental fortitude to sit down day after day and engage in arduous tasks, especially when we want to relax and enjoy our retirement years.

AI is one of the fastest tools you will ever use in your online marketing business. If you were to go to a competitor’s blog to try to find any content marketing gaps, it would take you hours, if not days to sort through their entire archive and see what kind of content they're posting about, what kind of engagement it gets, and then try to analyze all of your data for ideas that you can run with.

Alternately, AI can handle this task within seconds, and not only give you the results of its analysis, but also give you ideas on what to do from that point on. Even people who have and knack for doing marketing tasks quickly are leaning on AI because it's simply better and faster than what most humans can do on an average basis.

You have to think about your current workflow and where you can identify bottlenecks that are holding you up. For example, some people can write content very quickly, while others struggle.

Once you know what is holding you back in terms of time, you'll be able to leverage AI to your benefit so that you can use its speed and abilities to improve your own productivity and strategic decision making.

More AI Prompt Examples

You will be using tools on your own sites and social media platforms that will gather data, for example. Simply take that data and plug it into AI with the following prompt: “Using the traffic data attached, analyze my top 3 traffic resources and highlight key performance metrics for each one, giving me a blueprint on what to do now to leverage that information.”

You can also take something like customer reviews for a product or service of your own or someone else’s and ask AI to: “Evaluate the reviews and ratings of customers for [product] and identify repeating complaints and praise that can tailor my review to those hot button issues.”

AI is going to be able to research faster, analyze data quicker, and speed up your content, brainstorming and decision-making processes faster than you (or anyone else) can do.

It doesn’t have to replace you. If you enjoy the process and want to have a hands-on, personalized approach, that’s great, too! But it does provide you with the opportunity to allow AI to do some of the work for you initially so that you can have things working for you as you take a slower approach where the pressure is off.

AI Can Grow Your Reach and Success Online Rapidly

Because of the speed with which you can work with AI and the volume of tasks that it can handle in seconds, you are going to be able to reach more people in your target audience and enjoy success faster than if you were left to do it on your own, or even if you were paying for a service or tool to help you.

For example, you could have AI write a single blog post and immediately have it repurpose that content for you into an email, various social media content in different formats such as video, images, and text, and even expanded into a lead magnet or full info product if you wanted to.

If you have one form of content, like a video, you can immediately have it deliver a well written transcript that reads more like an article than a verbal transcript. You can even have it optimize it instantly for search engines.

AI also has the ability to uncover things about your target audience that you may not have known, and educate you about issues within your niche that you may not have been aware of.

For example, you can use the following prompt with AI: “Below is a list of specific demographics that are interested in [niche topic]. First, I want you to give me a more comprehensive list of other people that are not listed below who may be interested in my niche topic. Then, I want you to combine my list and your list and give me the specific pain points about each of those demographics that I can use in my online marketing to them.”

It's difficult to enough to get started online and keep up with your competitors without having to endure the frustrating experience of being buried in terms of visibility and reach.

If you can expand your exposure because you are able to use AI to quickly post across multiple platforms with a variety of engaging content, you'll be able to succeed much faster than if you were left on your own.

Not only can AI help you with speed and the achievement of volume of content, but it can be the assistant you need to be strategic with your marketing decisions and help you with technical things such as SEO that will boost your content to the forefront and help with discoverability.

You can even use AI to improve the monetization of all of your online efforts by asking it for help in conversions. This can be on your sales pages, and your emails, in building a list of targeted individuals who are more likely to be buyers, in recruiting affiliates, in writing effective affiliate promotions and bonuses, and more.

You can even tell AI that you have a goal to increase a certain metric by a specific percentage, and ask it how you can achieve that goal in a specified period of time. AI won't always be perfect, but it can definitely do more for most senior online entrepreneurs than many services or tools could do.

Because this is a free option, it can't hurt for you to try it out. There is no end to the amount of help AI can offer senior marketers who may be struggling with the amount of time and money they feel it takes to succeed online.

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