How to Build
LiveGood + GDI
with Automatic Signups

Everything Included

Step 1:  Signup in GDI and LiveGood

Here is the signup link.

Follow the instructions on it.  If you are already in GDI and/or LiveGood, that's fine.

Your “combo site” will look just like this one.

Step 2:  Send me an email

Once you get both GDI and LiveGood signups done, send me an email to and ask for the “combo site” instructions.  I'll send you an email.  It will just say to send your user-names for the two programs to the guy who makes the sites.  He will set it up for you (free) and send you your link back to you.

It's good to use your GDI domain as a redirect for it because it's kinda a long URL.  The guy who sends you your site will tell you to do that too.  It's a point-click operation in the GDI members area.

Step 3:  Get your Guaranteed Signups

Hop over to our Guaranteed Signups page and order as many as you can afford.  Send them preferably to your LCP like I did to get them on your list.  You should do that for EVERYTHING you always promote.

That way, you build your list even if they don't signup when they first see your site (which would be the ONLY time they see your site if you DON'T use a LCP.)

Building your list should be your #1 daily method of operation.

Step 4:  Send your new signups these instructions. 

You can either copy my blogpost/LCP/Thank-You pages or create your own on your own blog or a Google Doc or just a text file in email.  Make sure they get the Guaranteed Leads link and your “Combo Site”!

Step 5:  Optional

Create a welcome series of emails.  I use Aweber and can send you the campaign duplication code if you use Aweber to save you creating your own.

Step 6:  Enjoy Your Ever-Increasing Income

This will put a smile on your face for sure!

GDI + LiveGood + Guaranteed Signups =
Lots of recurring income for all of us!


Any questions?

Hit me up.

I'm here to help.

Fred “The Submarine Guy” Raley

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