Email Marketing CRASH Course – MASSIVE Bonus Bundle!


Traffic, Leads and Sales at Your Disposal!

This amazing bonus bundle will give you tons of training & tools focused on teaching you how to get the most from your Email Marketing including more Traffic, Leads and Sales.

Remember, to get the most out of your online marketing, you need to follow this simple plan: 

1. Build your Email List Daily. 

2. Email Your List Daily 

3. Get them to Know, Like and Trust you. 

4. Send offers daily

Just right-click on the graphics to download each offer or to save the link for later like in a spreadsheet.  Some are simple PDFs, some are complete PLR products, and some are… well you get the drift.  Just be sure to follow the prompt when you click on the graphics to download the product. 

Power Of Email Marketing


Email List Building Upgrade Package

DFY Promo Emails



Create Email Funnels With ConvertKit


Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing Influence

Scale your Email Marketing With Amazon SES

Latest Email Marketing Made Easy Upgrade Package

ChatGPT Leads Course

Email List Ninja Upgrade

Lead Generation eBook Bundle

30Days To Bigger Email List

Email List Guru Upgrade

This is like a Masters Degree in Email Marketing.  Once you get these and implement only a few of them, you will be pulling in cash with the best of them. 

Remember our goal with online marketing is to send daily emails to get daily income in ever increasing amounts

So the more you learn about email marketing and list building, the more income you will be bringing in.

Fred Raley
The Submarine Guy

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Now that you have this “Masters Degree”, put it to work.  Things you will need are: 

a.  An autoresponder:  I recommend Aweber.  Been with them over 20 years.

b.  Your own website with a blog installed.  I recommend Bluehost.  $3-$4/month.  Been with them over 20 years as well.

c.  Your own domain-based email address.  Comes with your own website.  Host your email on Google (Gmail interface) so you don't have to learn a new interface.  (Goes with b. above) 

d.  If you want an “all in one” solution, I recommend Global NPN.  It's fully integrated with AI! and Geoff (owner) offers lead sources at pennies on the dollar every month.  Get your blog, email, domain, web hosting, video hosting and more… all in one.

e.  A $5Friday account (free) to pick up tons of freebies every week. 

f.  Get a Canva account (free) and learn how to make graphics (I have a training course on that if you need.)  Great way to get a professional look… at no cost. 

g.  Check out my Email Welcome Series CRASH Course.  I'll really help you get started in bringing in the cash with your email system.