Are you ready to make $500 per Sale?


Who wouldn't be!  Making $500 repeatedly is a great way to build up income fast.

But, you need more than just a website and a “hope” that it will work.  Listen in for details.

X-Treme 500 promotes this excellent Canva Design Training and Social Media Video Course to put you at the top of your game with online marketing.  

Here are the six seven elements of my massive bonus package for this $500 sale. 
Value:  $14,200 at the minimum

104 Promo EMails

Customize to your hearts desire.  As you send these out you become known as a master of list building cause that's what they teach.  Once that happens, people will trust you enough to buy your $500 product which teaches Short Video marketing. I've paid up to $50/email for emails!  Value:  $5,200

Graphics – Be known by your Brand

You will look like a pro when you have customized graphics promoting YOU and your own $500 product.  I use mine in Lead Capture Pages, Sidebar on my blog and on all my freebie pages.  These allow you to become known as a pro who can be trusted for your knowledge.  Value:  $500

Articles – Your blog becomes a lead source!

Now you become known as a writer who knows his stuff about high ticket sales.  you will pull in more leads as your blog articles rise in Google standings.  More leads ==> more sales!  Value:  $750

5 LCP Templates

Turn your blog into a lead machine with these LCP templates.  Use video, graphics, bullets, etc. to give your prospects more targets to get on your list, get to know, like and trust you and ultimately make more sales.  Another $500 in your pocket will feel really good now won't it?  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS advertise your LCP to get prospects on your list.  It's the ONLY way to market successfully.  Value = $1,250

Email Bonus

I've been writing on Email marketing for decades and have put together an outa-site bonus package for you to learn all the ins and outs of email marketing which becomes your source of daily income.  That's your goal; Daily Income.  Build your list daily and shoot for daily income.  You will LOVE IT!  Value = $2,500

AI Bonus

Remember in my video above where I said you need to learn AI to make it here in 2024 and beyond?  Well, that's just what this bonus package will allow you to do; become an AI expert to help automate your income so it comes in 24/7/365 as you build your list and make those $500 sales.  Why put it off any longer?  Value = $3,500

LEADS – I almost forgot

The one thing most folks are lacking is LEADS.  Getting more leads in your system daily results in… You guessed it!  MORE SALES.  EVERYBODY needs more leads and I will show you where to get them.  And, the big bonus is, your lead sources pays you for referring others.  BAM, another income stream.  Just advertise it like you advertise your $500 page (see below.)

That's over $14,200 in value! 

Don't let this slip away.  It's your chance to become a professional marketer and start bringing in the big sales.  

Just think if you just made one sale per week.  That's $2,000 per month or $24, 000 per year.

Make 5 sales a week is $2,500/week, $10,000/month and a whopping $120, 000/year.

Nice targets to set for yourself aren't they?  These kind of results happen as you build your list and make more sales.  

Remember, Daily Sales are your goal.

$500 Buck Days is the place to go to get started!

Fred Raley
The Submarine Guy