I'm an Elite member at 100 Percent Clicks. These are all buyer leads here which is a big draw for me.  Buyer leads are primed to more easily pull out their credit cards!

I've developed 19 million+ ad credits, 50 lifetime banner ads, 50 lifetime text ads, 40, 30-day login ads, and 50 solo ads. 

Available also are upgrades that allow you to mail 3 times per day.  GET IT!

I get around 50 clicks from the mailer x 3 is 150 clicks per day. I get around 100 clicks per day from the solo ads. 

You can trade credits for more solo ads.

Plus, I earn 100% commissions on upgrades in 100 Percent Clicks while building my list with Buyer Leads!

I recommend starting with 100 Percent Clicks and upgrade to Gold. That will get you started to get  your list growing FAST with Buyer Leads.

Here's what you'll get for $25:

    • Banner Ads x5 That Last 365 Days; a great offer
    • Text Links x5 That Last 365 Days; don't miss this
    • 1 Solo Ad To All Members; Get Clicks!
    • 10,000 Mailing Credits
    • 50% commission on upgrades

You can upgrade to a higher level any time. Frank has excellent, low cost , one-time offers when you log back in; give them a close look.  All are high value to help in promoting your offers.  More clicks on your links; more opt-ins to your list, more potential sales from there on out!

Sign up for 100 Percent Clicks Here
Use it every day to get more Buyer Leads on your list.

I appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions.

Fred Raley
The Submarine Guy


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